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Temperature: The water temperature in early July is usually around 18-20 °C.


Water quality: The City of Kingston monitors the water quality at local beaches. Richardson Beach is very near the swim start (~1 km to the east) and Big Sandy Bay is on Wolfe Island (as is the swim finish). The water quality at both beaches is acceptable for swimming: 


Wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimmers are welcome at this event. Swimmers may choose on the day if they wish to wear a wetsuit. In the unlikely event that that the water temperature is 16 °C or lower, wetsuits will be mandatory for all swimmers. In the equally unlikely event that that the water temperature is 24 °C or higher, wetsuits will be prohibited for all swimmers. Wetsuits are optional for a water temperature of 16.1 to 23.9 °C.


All swimmers will be timed manually. Ranked results will be divided into four categories: unassisted, wetsuit, other assist, para-swimmer. Results will also be ranked by gender and age group: 20-29, 30-30, 40-49, 50-59, 60 and up.



Start: There is one porta-potty at Ahoy Rentals that will be available to swimmers and supporters.


Finish: There are public washrooms in the General Wolfe Inn. There are additional washrooms located in the tourist information building next to the Wolfe Island Town Hall. There are also two port-a-potties next to the Wolfe Island boat club docks.



Start: There is a city parking lot located beside Ahoy Rentals that has free all day parking on weekends. Space will be limited.


Finish: The there are ~15 spaces in the Wolfe Island Town Hall parking lot as well as limited street parking in the village. If necessary, there is also a parking lot at the Catholic Church. It is strongly recommended that supporters walk or bike to Wolfe Island.



Each swimmer will be supported by a personal kayaker who will carry water, nutrition, and ideally a spare lifejacket for the swimmer in the event of distress. There will be lead kakayers directing swimmers to the finish. The swim will be supported by motorboats containing waterfront lifeguards, first aiders, and a doctor. First aid qualified volunteers will meet swimmers on Wolfe Island to record swim times and provide water and support. In the unlikely event of an emergency, swimmers will be taken by motorboat to Kingston General Hospital.


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