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  • Strong kayaker with good control over the boat, able to stay on the water for up to 3.5 hours for the 5km event and 6 hours for the 10km event;

  • Stay close to your swimmer to ensure they are seen by boat traffic;

  • Guide the swimmer to the finish location (you will be assisted by the lead kayaker and motorboat);

  • Carry nutrition (water, energy drinks, gels, etc.) for the swimmer;

  • Carry a spare life jacket for the swimmer in the event of distress;

  • Signal to the motorboat (by raising your paddle in the air) if the swimmer is in need of assistance.


  • Kayaks can be rented from Ahoy Rentals for $45.

  • Ahoy Rentals is located at the swim start at 23 Ontario Street.

  • Contact Ahoy Rentals personally to arrange your kayak rental. Tell them you are with the King Wolf Swim.

  • You will be able to pick up the kayak on race day morning.


  • Ahoy Rentals will pick up all of their kayaks at the swim finish (unless you want to keep your kayak for the day).

  • Personal kayaks can be taken on the ferry (space permitting) or kayaked back to Kingston after the swim.

  • Ahoy will assist with transporting personal kayaks to Kingston, space permitting.

           AHOY RENTALS


23 Ontario Street, Kingston ON K7L 2Y2

613 549 4277

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