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There are no refunds for this event.

The King Wolf Swim reserves the right to delay the start time of a swim, alter the planned route, or cancel the swim altogether if required. Should the swim be cancelled, race kits (printed caps, not medals) will still be available for pickup at the race start location on Saturday, July 4th 2020. 

In the event a swimmer needs to withdraw from the swim, they are permitted to transfer their registration to another swimmer, provided the replacement swimmer meets all mandatory requirements of the swim in question. The swimmer must provide the name, phone number and email address of the person they are transferring their entry to, this information must be received by the organizing committee via email no latter than Sunday, June 14th. Swimmers may be charged a processing fee for the transfer. Volunteer kayakers provided by the event are not transferable.

Swimmers who are registered for the 11km Emperor Wolf swim distance but wish to withdraw and join the shorter 5km King Wolf swim distance will be permitted to do so, but no refund for the difference in registration fees will be given.


However, swimmers will not be permitted to upgrade from the 5km King Wolf swim distance to the 11km Emperor Wolf swim distance after their registration has already been completed.

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